Current wins Street Stock 50

by Mike McGuire

DAVENPORT, Ia. (July 12, 2013) – Tim Current captured a big win at the Davenport Speedway, in the Street Stock 50. Current started the main in the last row, but quickly worked his way into the top ten. The Bernard, Iowa driver took the lead from Jeremy Marquette on lap nine, and would lead the remaining laps to the victory and the $2,000 payday.

Aside from the race winner, attrition and late race cautions played havoc with racers trying to secure a good finish. Mitch Schmitz won a hotly contested battle for second over Perry Gellerstedt. Gary Weatherington and Kevin Dickey finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Schmitz, Jeremy Marquette, and Keith Jackson won the Street Stock heats.

Another race, and other feature win for Justin Kay. Kay collected his third straight Peterson Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model victory and his fourth straight overall at Davenport.

Joe Ross led the first fifteen laps of the 25-lap main, before Spencer Diercks grabbed the top spot.  Spencer’s time up front would be short-lived, as Kay would take the lead on lap 18, en route to the win. Spencer Diercks would hold on for second, with Nate Bueseling, Ross, and Mike Zemo Jr. completing the top five, in that order.

Mitch Morris raced to his second EMS IMCA Modified feature win of the season at Davenport. Morris took the lead following a lap four restart, and never looked back. Kelly Meyer fought his way to a second place finish. Ray Cox Jr. rim-rode the race track to finish third, after starting 16th. Tony VonDresky and Matt Werner completed the top five.

Doug Burkhead put his Ford into the winner’s circle in the Hawkeye Auto IMCA SportMod main. The win was Doug’s first of the season. Burkhead passed Jason Wiggins for the lead on lap five and led the rest of the way to the checkers. Bryce Garnhart got around Ricky Kay late in the race for second. Kay would finish third, ahead of Ben Chapman and Brandon Jewell.

Andy Loy scored his first Roto-Rooter 4 Stock win of the year. Andy started on the pole and managed to lead flag to flag, for the win. Brandon Dahl and Jake Ellithorpe were both in the battle for the win, but would have to settle for second and third. Andy Wagener finished fourth, with Jake Benischek fifth.

Next Friday, July 19th, the Midwest Jalopies make their final appearance of the year at the Davenport Speedway.  Weekly point races will be held in our regular classes, with racing starting at 7pm.


Davenport Speedway

July 12, 2013

Results –


Street Stock 50

Heat 1: 1. JeremyMarquette; 2. Gerald Ward; 3. Perry Gellerstedt; 4. Joe Bonney; 5. Dwayne Smith Jr.;

Heat 2: 1. Keith Jackson; 2. Dan Anderson; 3. Gary Weatherington; 4. Henry Carson; 5. Jed Holland;

Heat 3: 1. Mitch Schmitz; 2. Rob Henry; 3. Cary Brown; 4. Greg Gill; 5. Chris Lawrence;

Feature: 1. Tim Current; 2. Mitch Schmitz; 3. Perry Gellerstedt; 4. Gary Weatherington; 5. Kevin Dickey; 6. Chris Lawrence; 7. Dan Anderson; 8. Shay Curtin; 9. Joe Bonney; 10. Keith Jackson; 11. Randy Lamar; 12. Jed Holland; 13. Henry Carson; 14. Gerald Ward; 15. Donnie Louck; 16. Jeremy Marquette; 17. Cary Brown; 18. Dwayne Smith Jr.; 19. Greg Gill; 20. Dan Evans; 21. Chad Coyne; 22. Jim Simpson;


IMCA Late Models

Heat 1: 1. Joe Ross; 2. Mike Zemo Jr.; 3. Ray Guss Jr.; 4. Spencer Diercks; 5. Joe Zrostlik;

Heat 2: 1. Rob Toland; 2. Nate Bueseling; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Matt Ryan; 5. Gary Webb;

Heat 3: 1. Todd Malmstrom; 2. Andy Nezworski; 3. Marty Diercks; 4. Stephan Kammerer; 5. Chuck Hanna;

Feature: 1. Justin Kay; 2. Spencer Diercks; 3. Nate Bueseling; 4. Joe Ross; 5. Mike Zemo Jr.; 6. Todd Malmstrom; 7. Ray Guss Jr.; 8. Marty Diercks; 9. Joe Zrostlik; 10. Andy Nezworski; 11. Matt Ryan; 12. Chuck Hanna; 13. Scott Fitzpatrick; 14. LeRoy Brenner; 15. Duane Christisen; 16. Rob Toland; 17. Doug Nigh; 18. Jon Coombs; 19. Gary Webb; 20. Stephan Kammerer;


IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Matt Werner; 3. Dan Klatt; 4. Brian Bushong; 5. Brian Webb;

Heat 2: 1. Tony VonDresky; 2. Bob Dominacki; 3. Jarrod Struss; 4. Doug Crampton; 5. Tim Arp;

Heat 3: 1. Kelly Meyer; 2. Jason Bahrs; 3. Eric Barnes; 4. Craig Crawford; 5. Matt Wilson;

Feature: 1. Mitch Morris; 2. Kelly Meyer; 3. Ray Cox Jr.; 4. Tony VonDresky; 5. Matt Werner; 6. Doug Crampton; 7. Bob Dominacki; 8. Tim Arp; 9. Craig Crawford; 10. Matt Wilson; 11. Brian Bushong; 12. Jarrod Struss; 13. Dan Klatt; 14. Brian Webb; 15. Todd Dykema; 16. Kevin Goben; 17. Josh Starr; 18. Rob Dominacki; 19. Jason Bahrs; 20. Eric Barnes;


IMCA Sport Mods

Heat 1: 1. Doug Burkhead; 2. Jason Wiggins; 3. Ricky Kay; 4. Bryce Garnhart; 5. Andre LaPorte;

Feature: 1. Doug Burkhead; 2. Bryce Garnhart; 3. Ricky Kay; 4. Ben chapman; 5. Brandon Jewell; 6. Andre LaPorte; 7. Jake Montoya; 8. Angie Feller; 9. Jason Wiggins; 10. Joe Grant;



Heat 1: 1. Andy Loy; 2. Brandon Dahl; 3. Andy Wagener; 4. Zach Dahl; 5. Jake Benischek;

Heat 2: 1. Jake Ellithorpe; 2. Aaron Hitt; 3. Eric Stogdell; 4. Allen Morris; 5. Tristin Clark;

Feature: 1. Andy Loy; 2. Brandon Dahl; 3. Jake Ellithorpe; 4. Andy Wagener; 5. Jake Benischek; 6. Zach Dahl; 7. Eric Stogdell; 8. Andrew Fitzgerald; 9. Aaron Hitt; 10. Brandon Setser; 11. Allen Morris; 12. Tristin Clark;